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The fashion industry there is a saying , " To please wear karen millen dresses style " , of course, not all karen millen can have this effect, small to give you support a move : pick hem wide . Such models have sufficient amplitude due to the hem fluttering in the breeze , so it will naturally while walking Swaying , and gait and it is the most important element of a woman showing off style . Stereoscopic technology plus crushed with light silk fabric texture win a fight , it 's the material is soft, elegant tones , with the texture of the classic karen millen dresses is very similar fold , thus revealing a deep breath to romance and elegance . Made with lace flower pattern on both sides and highlight the heavy quality.

Abstract prints revealing hazy solemn beauty, look if there is a layer of white fabric hollow lace, revealing the elegant and romantic style palace . V -neck to improve the visual proportions between the neck and face , temperament also will be raised. Tie belt ,karen millen skirt sway , easy to envy others . Turtleneck can improve temperament elegant , when they go out without a scarf is also very warm and engaging and confining . Warm red wine seductive , warm feeling full , particularly highlighting the feminine. There is no limit loose clothing and body size , the better the fleshy body hidden in the invisible . A character models are pretty enhance the overall degree .

To be able to share angel in the fullest sense of the journey as elegant , choose a fabric chiffon print karen millen dress it. And hem , this is the best highlight the charm of walking between the legs whipped , without deliberately Sao posture to get there first has covered goddess style. Liangsi evenly distributed , forming a beautiful seductive stripes, gorgeous shining just right . Three-dimensional flowers and beading on the neckline work together to create a sweet lady , not only by age but also overflowing with spring vitality. S tailoring can create stunning exquisite curves .

Fan art hearts of every girl has a leisurely style cotton floral karen millen outlet, it is fresh, put on a large , elegant, such as lotus, traveled thousands of miles to follow you . Full sun flowers bring a sense of the atmosphere of nature, revealing a simple pleasure , soft, breathable cotton is so intimate and full of personality. Fly hit color Patchwork no sense of violation and that thin physique to pull narrow vertical stripes subtly stunning appropriateness and big . Pleated waist silent Yanqu several small pot . Cashmere material thickness is moderate, feel superior, ride of choice for spring and autumn wear .